What’s Smartz

The key idea of Smartz is to bring decentralized applications (DApps) to a new level, providing developers, end-users, and businesses with the way to convenient, powerful and cost-effective DApps without trust to a third party through decentralization powered by blockchain technologies.

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Journey map

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User use cases scheme

1. Choose

Find a suitable free or paid smart contract template in the competitive environment of the Smartz marketplace.


2. Configure

Get ready to deploy in a few minutes! Configure chosen contract just specifying the required values in usual web-form with tips and input validation.


3. Agree

If needed negotiate the contract’s terms with your counterparties through the special interface.


4. Deploy

Sign and send the deploy transaction to publish your contract on the block and wait a little while your deployment transaction is being put in a block.


5. Monitor

Set up the required notifications and monitor your (as well as any other) contract’s events as statuses.


6. Manage

Deploy any possible transactions to your smart contract in by entering the parameters in usual web-form with tips and input validation.


7. Collaborate

Add all your friend’s, colleague’s and partner’s public keys (aka addresses) to your address book and invite them to collaborate on your contract.


8. Analyze

Analyze any contracts and contract systems indicators like tokens flow, transactions count etc, using report building tools.


9. Archive

When smart contract is no longer needed, put it into the archive. It will still be available if needed.

Developer use cases scheme

1. Code

Implement the idea of your smart contract in a code for any blockchain that Smartz supports and test it effectively.

Wrap up

2. Wrap up

Transform your contract into a contract template using our SDK according to Smartz specification.


3. Upload

Upload your solution to Smartz and equip it with extensive description, screenshots, videos and other marketing attributes.


4. Audit

Pass an audit by Smartz developers community or a certified company if you want to make your template more trusted and reliable.


5. Publish

Pass moderation and publish your solution on Smartz open marketplace.


6. Promote

Option to use Smartz capabilities for promotion and featuring your own solution.


7. Earn

If you decide your contract to be paid for, earn for deploys, time subscription or inner commissions in your contract instances.


8. Support

Get feedback from users and provide support. Also you can get orders for your solution customization and side services.


9. Update

Update your template and maintain your version history, publish release notes.


10. Analyze

Analyze your solution statistics like overall deploy count, paid deploys and subscriptions over time.

Partners & Friends

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    A secure mobile Ethereum wallet that supports Ethereum ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721 tokens.

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    An Ethereum-based platform that offers an open-source framework for smart contracts.

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    Decentralized arbitration, mediation network and reputation system framework based on smart contracts.

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